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We provide proactive support services to the professional services and consultancy services demands of institutions as a result of the products and technologies in which we are experts and the new generation service approach.
With the continuous monitoring and regular reporting of the systems we support, service performance and customer satisfaction are aimed by minimizing crisis situations by providing interventions before problems occur.

We determine the service levels of all these services according to the criticality of the systems or the required response times.

As Viznet, more than 30 well-known companies that are known in their sectors and by end users are within the scope of our professional services with VizSupport.


We are expert and assertive; network security, end-user security, IT security including areas such as SIEM, Sandbox, DLP and continuous vulnerability scanning solutions, network including switching, routing, WAN optimization and end-to-end all network systems, server systems, data storage systems, data backup systems, uninterrupted We carry out turnkey projects with enterprise class and industry standard brands and products in data management and system projects including business continuity, disaster recovery solutions and big data management (Big Data).


It is our service where the entire network infrastructure of the institutions is monitored, reported and managed on a 24/7 basis from a single center with an as a service approach. In the infrastructure of this service, we provide our services with solutions supported by global regulations.



In Viz-DC service, 2 options are offered according to need.
Providing server provision for customers who want to use this service in their own locale and hosting virtual or physical servers in the common server pool in the data center where Viznet undertakes all the traffic load.

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